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Glovax Biotech Corp. believes that everyone deserves an access to vaccination. It's for this reason that our company offers a price-match guarantee to our vaccination clients.

Vaccination can be costly. Patients shoulder not only the cost of the vaccine, but also the professional fees of the doctor. Most of the time, patients also spend for transportation in order to get the best vaccination service.

This website has been created to eliminate all those extra costs. You can now pay for the service and also, schedule your appointment online. Moreover, you can now choose to set your vaccination appointment anywhere you deem the most convenient. We have a clinic in Quezon City or you can choose to get vaccinated at home for no additional costs.

If you've been vaccinated before, we can match its price and sign you up for home-service vaccination for free. 

Let us know your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.