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Glovax is a fully integrated vaccine company in the Philippines that imports, distributes, and retails a complete line of vaccines at an affordable price, with an aim to improve vaccine access for middle to low income Filipinos.

THE MISSION: To increase immunization coverage in the Philippines by improving awareness, access and affordability of vaccines for low and middle income Filipinos  

Glovax has the biggest storage capacity and top-of-the-line digital equipment to maintain and measure vaccine temperatures. This guarantees that the vaccines our doctors receive are always fresh and have been kept at the desired temperature.  Glovax is trusted by more than 3,000 doctors nationwide for their vaccine needs.

Glovax  is the leading vaccine delivery company in the Philippines, having the most number of branches nationwide, totaling to eight. The company also guarantees its same-day delivery of vaccine, free-of-charge, anywhere in the Philippines. No other vaccine delivery company can match our same-day delivery offer. 

Glovax markets only vaccines that are World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (UN) Pre-qualified, and those that pass international standards such as the ISO and European Commission. This ensures that our clients will only receive the best defense against killer diseases. All products are also registered and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to marketing in the Philippines. Thus, if the vaccines are from Glovax, they are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.


Glovax boasts for its very own call center, which uses top-of-the-line Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. This guarantees high response rate on our clients’ needs. Whatever our clients’ request, we always welcome it with a warm smile.  

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